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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Can gutter guards cause ice damns?2022-03-08T15:29:16-06:00

The basic answer is yes. When living in a climate with four seasons, it is tough to avoid all problems with ice. In Minnesota, it gets the worst in the spring and fall when we melt in the daytime and then refreeze overnight. When dealing with and avoiding these problems, it may be worth asking about having heating elements installed on your gutter system to prevent all of those problems so you are protected year-round! We can help you address these isolated issues and point you in a direction that won’t cost you an arm and a leg—all backed by our industry-best five-year warranty.

Why do gutter guards cost so much?2022-03-08T15:26:21-06:00

Gutter guards do not always need to cost that much. When considering gutter guards, it is worth consulting us to find one that fits your budget without sacrificing effectiveness. The large companies in the gutter guard market may offer the same No-Clog warranties as we do but for twice, sometimes three times our price, and their systems are primarily bulky or cheaply mass-produced.

What are the best gutter guards?2022-03-08T15:24:27-06:00

This is a question that depends on the types of leaves and debris you are looking to keep out of your system and your budget; the newest technology is the Micro-Mesh systems which can leave your gutters spotless for a lifetime. It is important to talk to us before installing these in Minnesota and colder climates to make sure they will work for your property.

Are gutter guards worth it?2022-03-08T15:21:07-06:00

Yes, choosing the right cover for your needs is essential to avoid issues. We offer Lifetime No-Clog systems, and I would gladly answer any questions about gutter guards and what is best for your property and needs.

How far should downspout be from foundation?2022-03-08T15:20:02-06:00

A good standard is 4-5 feet minimum to ensure that water doesn’t cause damage to your foundation. If your landscaping is pitched towards your foundation, you will want to get it further away or consider moving your downspout to a new location

How many downspouts on a gutter section?2022-03-08T15:17:28-06:00

My professional rule of thumb is one downspout for every 40 feet of gutter. That number can change if there are a lot of corners or covers on your gutter system.

Are gutters necessary?2022-03-08T15:16:25-06:00

The short answer is yes. Gutters protect your foundation, driveways, and landscaping from the large amounts of water being dumped from the roof when it rains.

Why gutters overflow?2022-03-08T15:15:12-06:00

In most cases, it is because something is clogging the downspout or any point in the gutter system. Making it so that the water cannot properly drain, causing the gutter to fill up and overflow.

How to fix a leaking gutter?2022-03-08T14:06:02-06:00

The first thing is to make sure you have a seamless gutter system. If you have to leak from a corner or end, you will want to clean and dry the inside of the gutter very well, making sure all loose debris is removed. Any sort of alcohol-based cleaner is excellent for this. Let that dry, and you will want to use a gutter or silicone-based sealant that you can find by asking at any hardware store. You will want to apply enough to cover either the seams or all the old sealants still in the gutter.

Why do gutters leak?2022-03-08T14:03:43-06:00

Most gutters will leak when the seams are not appropriately sealed or have started to give way due to weather or debris. It is important to have seamless gutters that will reduce the number of seams on in your system

Why choose Minnesota Gutters?2022-03-08T14:02:42-06:00

I started this company with 10 years of experience in gutter installation and roofing inspections. I am a professional in this field and have watched other companies try to sell products that are over kill and cost a fortune, I have been on a mission to provide customers with a gutter system that works effectively, budget friendly and with a #1 in the industry warranty on our products. I am passionate about providing this for my customers so customer service is also a top priority for Minnesota Gutters, so we will never not be there for your guttering or exterior home needs. 

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